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ByOur technology

For more than three years, our company TRDX has been developing and implementing all-new analysis tools for Forex trading. Our developments have become unique in their kind. TRDX dashboards allow you to get complete information about the state of the market in the desired period. That, in turn, helps the trader make the right decision to open or close an order.

25% Revenue Share

25% Revenue Share

Dual Token Model

Dual Model

Monthly dividends

Monthly Dividends

Regulated asset

Regulated Asset

Purpose of the platform developing

The idea of creating TRDX is to introduce innovative approaches to trading on the exchange market. The multi-functional, customizable TRDX platform allows you to unlock the potential of any trader, from beginner to professional. We strive to become the best in working with the assets of all the world's famous exchange markets and trading platforms.

Our loyalty program and the ability to invest in the project allows customers to receive both passive income and many discounts on the conclusion of separately regulated events and transactions.


To receive monthly : security token dividends from TRDX, you only need to follow two rules:


Take a TRDX training course, as well as a check for abuse of financial transactions


Keep your TRDX security token on our platform for 16 days from the receipt period (the period can be changed, and you will get a notification via email).

The percentage of revenue share is 25% and will not change except for the case presented in our White Paper, Section 3.3.5.

The assessment basis for the revenue share consists of a variety of trading fees, which will include all offered market and limit order fees. In the future, and at our discretion, TrdX may add new revenue sources to the assessment basis for the revenue share. These additional sources may include leverage trading, lending or others.

In the future, TrdX may add to - but will not remove - the sources we use for the assessment basis at the start of the token payments.

IT IS IMPORTANT!: If you do not follow one of the conditions, you will lose the right to receive dividends, and the accumulated dividends will be equally distributed among other investors.

Remo Scholl

For me, TrdX is the perfect example of a professional, innovative and customer-oriented exchange. Rarely have I seen such an advanced platform before the offical launch of an Exchange.

Maja Stöcklin

Having a security token from an exchange offers me an absolutely new opportunity to participate in the finance market. I want to thank the team for their work.

Helge John

At first I was sceptical whether a european FinTech company would be able to compete against international competition/international competitors. Today I am convinced that TrdX's business model is the way to go in the future to participate in the finance industry.

Oliver Wittka

TrdX's unique business approach, in combination with a regulated, tokenized and revenue sharing asset convinced me to invest in this awesome company.

Gernot Hackl

I chose TrdX because I believe that regulated, tokenized assets are the future and I am convinced of the young founders because they are very competent and 200% committed to the project.

Michael Veerkamp

As an early investor in this project who knows the team for a long time now, I am really impressed with what the team has achieved so far. Their vision is big, but they always take the time to answer all the questions of the investors. With this company I really feel that I am included, and not just a simple sponsor.